Emergency Electricians

When you need an electrician you need them fast. At Stowe’s Electric we guarantee fast service and long term solutions to your problem. But how do you really know when you need urgent electrical services? Here are common problems that MUST be addressed instantly.

When your home fuse trips of it means that there is a causative factor cause it to do so. Usually it is an appliance that disturbed the electrical flow or a light bulb. You can easily the power back on however, the cause still remains. You might need to have professional service to identify the problem for you.

Due to overuse, misuse or defect your appliances or light bulbs can short circuit causing potential danger. The best thing to do is to unplug or switch it off or turn off the main power to prevent risks of fire and electrocution, for a long term solution have an electrician fix the cause for you.

Accidental spillage of water or any liquid to a socket or extension cords poses potential risk of electrocution. Before using the soaked wire of socket have an electrician assess it first.
After every calamity especially a major one, seek for professional assistance to assess the damage to your home’s electric circuit. Failure to do so put you and your family at risk.

When you are about install a high voltage appliance to your home, be sure to have an electrician validate first if your main supply can handle its requirements preventing overload.

Malfunctioning receptacles is also common, it may cause power interruption by segments or in the whole house it may be caused by a loose connection safest thing to do is to pick up the phone and call a commercial electricians to do the job for you.

If you smell a fishy burning smell around the house do not hesitate to call an electrician in an instant for safety instructions and electrical repair. A short circuit or an overload might be melting your wiring and in no time it will ignite the live current flowing through.

Dealing with your home electrical problem requires skills and knowledge handling these problems on your own puts you on risk and eventually your family. At Stowe’s Electric safety is our primary concern and we will attend to your safety in no time!